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Cheeky Wipes - reusable baby wipes

Before I had my first child I had never heard of such a thing as 'reusable wipes'. Reusable nappies yes! but never reusable wipes. I had a few reservations - won't they be too thin to wash? won't they stain? won't they smell?

I researched a few different brands and decided to opt for Cheeky Wipes. Reviews were good, price was reasonable (+ they often have offers on) and I could see many second hand kits on eBay - so I figured they must last pretty well to have a resale value too.

I was given some money as a baby gift and decided to spend it on on The Cheeky Baby Wipes All-In-One Kit (RRP £39.99)

Cheeky wipes kit
Cheeky Wipes Kit
The kit contains:
  • 25 wipes
  • 1 fresh wipes container
  • 1 mucky container
  • 1 fresh wipes bag
  • 1 mucky wipes bag
  • 1 bottle of fresh wipes essential oil blend
  • 1 bottle of mucky wipes essential oil blend

One of my concerns was staining, but you can purchase wipes in different colours. I opted for the blue to match the kit and they have worked great. I still can't see any staining on my set after nearly a year of use and the colour has kept well too.

Here's a pic of my wipes one year on:

Cheeky wipes one year on

So why use reusable wipes?

Suitable for newborns: It's advised not to use disposable wipes on a baby until they are 6 months old. I wish I'd had my Cheeky Wipes from the beginning, it would have saved me all those cotton rolls!

Environmentally friendly: Think of how much landfill you will save by cutting out/down on disposable wipes.

Handy: No need to worry if you have enough wipes - you will always have some in the house.

Money saving: Cheeky Wipes estimate a saving of up to £500 vs disposable wipes in the first two years.

How do they work?

Using them is actually really easy. You basically have one box for clean wipes which you make up ready with an essential oil solution - that's your wipes ready to use....and one box for used wipes which you again make up ready with an essential oil solution ready to soak those used wipes.

Simply use a wipe as you would normally and then pop it in the used box to soak. It's as easy as that!

This video explains in a bit more detail:

How Cheeky Wipes work

My experience

My order arrived quickly but I was gutted when I realised some of the items were missing meaning I couldn't get going straight away. I emailed Cheeky Wipes to query it and they quickly replied saying the missing items were now on the way and they had also sent some extra wipes by way of apology. Can't complain with that!

First thing I noticed when using the wipes is my house smelt delicious! I remember walking into the house with my hubby and both of us wondering what the lovely smell was and then realising it was the essential oil from our Cheeky Wipes.

Where they really work well is on the number 2s. Because they are made from thin toweling material, you get a bit more 'stickability' instead of 'smudgability' and usually one wipe does the trick. I also feel like baby is getting a better clean as it's essentially giving them a little wash.

To make up the fresh wipes there is a guideline fill level on the box to help you with the right amount of water. You don't need to stick specifically to this - I just fill it roughly and if the wipes are too wet I just squeeze away the excess.

The mucky wipes box comes with a mesh bag you can fit on the inside so you can easily transfer the used wipes to the washing machine. I found this really fiddly to fit and impossible to keep in place so in the end I didn't bother with it and when it comes to washing I just tip the water away and with my rubber gloves give the wipes a squeeze before popping in the washing machine.

One of the great things is once they have been through the wash, you can literally pop them straight into your fresh box again ready to use. No need to dry them out every time. They dry in no time anyway. It's not recommended you do this every time to stop mold forming so sometimes I just pop a few in the box to keep me going until the rest are dry.

You do need to wash them regularly as when they are left in the box for more than about 3-4 days they may start to smell a bit foisty.

I do think the boxes could have a better design. The edges are quite hard and as they are a child's product I think some softer edges would help make them a little safer.

Once I'd used the wipes for a while they started to become a little hard, but I remedied this with a touch of fabric softener. Ecover is recommended for cloth nappies so I tend to use this. Helps to keep them nice and soft.

I've never been organised enough to take the wipes out and about me but I have used the bags to hold soiled clothes in my change bag instead.

This has become our best baby purchase and I'd recommend it for any baby.

If you want to find out more, head over to Cheeky Wipes.

What do you think of reusable wipes? Is it a wonderful invention or too mucky to think about?

By Lee


  1. You forgot another big plus - HEALTHY - no nasty harmful chemicals getting near your babies bottom or genitals which can cause irritation or collect in the body over time, same as with cloth diapers...also cloth pads and menstrual cups for momma.

    Here's another weird idea for you; cloth wipes for momma...I'd never use them for number 2's but for delicate post-momma lady parts soft cloth wipes beat scratchy dry chemical-filled toilet paper, also good in general...especially moistened with water (or solution similar to what you'd use on baby wipes) for post-sex clean-up, period clean-up, or on hot days. Less irritation, less odour, more hygienic, and lower risk of yeast infections.

    1. Thanks Jadea - I hadn't heard of them before but will check it out.

  2. Like the idea of nice smell. Also oil likely to be protective for baby's skin.

    Rachel Craig

    1. They do smell lovely - I love using them.

  3. debbie godbolt3 March 2014 at 01:10

    great blog thank you i have often wondered how good they really are might buy some now i know it will stop my toilet clogging up :)

    1. Definitely recommended them, never too late to start using.

  4. Wasn't aware of these, will save loads of money :-)

    1. They are definitely worth a shot if you get the chance to try them :)

  5. I have never heard of them before but sound like a great idea. Certainly worth a go!!

    1. If you do get to try them Sophie - we'd love to hear how you get on with them.