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How to dye your hair with Lush Henna Hair Dye

Lush Henna hair dye is something I've been using for years. It's certainly not the easy option and won't be for everyone but it is very affordable at £8.25, all natural and feels pretty luscious on your hair!

Everyone has their own way of applying the henna and you'll probably have to use it a few times to find your rhythm with it.

What colours are available?

Lush do four different types: Caca Brun (Brown), Caca Marron (Burgundy), Caca Noir (Black) and Caca Rouge (Red). I have brown hair and like to make the colour richer and cover my greys. I have tried Caca Brun and Caca Noir. I found the Caca Brun didn't make too much of an impact and tended to have reddish tones but the Caca Noir is my favourite and I find it gives a dark brown result rather than black.

How do I use Lush Henna hair dye?

I can't claim to be an expert but this is the method that works best for me.
  1. Break off as many bricks as you need. The blocks of henna are made up of 6 bricks. I find 2-3 is plenty for my shoulder length hair.
  2. Grate it into a glass bowl. You can melt the dye without grating it first but I find it gives a better consistency and is much quicker to mix if you grate the bricks first.
  3. With your grated mixture ready slowly add water that's just off the boil and mix with a old wooden spoon (one you don't mind getting dyed!). Mix in water until the texture is like single cream.
    Lush Henna Hair Dye Mixed
    Lush Henna Hair Dye Mixed
  4. Get your rubber gloves on (Lush will provide these when you buy Hooray!). Drape an old towel around your shoulders.
  5. Henna is best applied hot so I place the bowl on the floor with newspaper underneath to catch any splashes of dye. Stick your head into the bowl and work that dye into your hair using your hands.
    Lush Henna Caca Noir on hair
    Lush Henna on hair
  6. Wrap your hair in a shower cap or plastic bag. It is advised to leave it open to the air for darker tones and to wrap up for redder tones, but using Caca Noir I've never had an issue with red tones appearing when I wrap up. It's just much easier to wrap up and not worry about the dye coming off and dying your carpet etc. I wrap a dark towel on top to catch any stray drips that might escape. You can use Vaseline on your hairline etc to stop dye transfer but I find it all washes off well anyway so I don't see the need for this.
    Lush Henna Hair dye wrapped in plastic bag
    Lush Henna hair dye wrapped in a plastic bag
    1. Wait. The recommended time to leave the dye on for is between 1-3 hours, but you can leave it on as long as you like and it won't damage your hair. The longer you leave it, the richer the result. Sometimes I sleep in it overnight.
    2. Rinse it well. It takes a while to rinse out so let plenty of water wash over it and give a good scrub. Then you're done!

    The darker hennas (those that contain indigo) will continue to develop for 24 hours after you've washed it out. So you will see an even richer result the following day.

    Your hair will feel lovely and nourished as the Lush Henna contains cocoa butter to condition your locks. My hair always feels lovely and 'swishy' and shiny afterwards with a touch more volume too.

    It's completely natural so it's perfect to use during pregnancy.

    Here is the result the following morning after a three hour dying time.

    Lush Henna Caca Noir before and after
    Lush Henna Caca Noir before and after

    Are you a henna user? Is it something you'd be interested in trying? Or does it sound too messy?

    By Lee

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    1. I'm just using the brun for the first time as I've found that I lose a lot of hair with chemical dyes. Thanks for the tip about grating it..made a huge difference to the prep time. I sat here with it dripping down my face (my kids tell me I look like I'm an extra in Carrie) but I'm looking forward to the results 😀