Sunday, 15 June 2014

Top 8 First Birthday Gifts

Stuck for what to buy for a first birthday? Our little one recently turned one and here are my top gift ideas:

1. Mini Armchair

Our little one has used this everyday since it arrived. It's a reasonable price in comparison to most of the kids armchairs available and doesn't topple over easily.

Kids armchair

2. Clothes 18-24 months

A lot of people will buy 12-18 months so go for the next size. Asda George often have fab outfits at excellent prices.

Girls legging outfit

George boys jacket

3. Shoe shop voucher

With most little ones learning to walk around this time. Vouchers for those (expensive!) first shoes is a great idea. Our first cruiser shoes from Clarks were £26.


4. Building blocks

Hours of fun wand they won't tire of these for years to come.
Mega bloks

5. Toddler Mealtime Set

Moving on from the little plastic weaning pots, a nice mealtime set is the perfect way to begin the next stage.

Toddler mealtime set

6. Premium bonds

Chance to win tax free prizes of £25 to £1m each month. Minimum investment of £50 (if paid by standing order or bank transfer). A great gift for life.

Premium bonds

7. Projector

We used this to help baby settle on her own at bedtime. She loves to watch the colours projected onto the ceiling and is always out for the count within five minutes. It has a range of melodies to choose from and also a selection of timer settings.

Baby projector

8. Bubble Machine

Little ones go crazy for this!. Great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Bubble machine

Baby enjoys the bubble machine
She loves the bubbles!

What first birthday gifts would you recommend?

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