Thursday, 28 August 2014

Win a delicious set of coffees from Beanies

Sitting down with a piping hot fresh mug of coffee, wrapping your hands around the mug, taking in the aroma and watching the steam raise upwards. Ahhhhh bliss.

That mug of coffee has the power to make us feel somewhat 'better'.

It's a kickstart to the day, a treat when you get in a put your feet up, a companion at work and a comfort when you've had one of those days.

Coffee mug and coffee jar
Fancy a catch-up over coffee?

A versatile accompaniment in many situations - my favourite of which is the 'catch-up'.

Your friend wants to pop by for a catch-up over coffee and says she has lots to tell you. The anticipation rises....! You click your kettle on as you get ready to settle in with your coffee and share stories. As you exchange the 'ohhs' and 'ahhs' of the gossip - there's really nothing better.

If you think back I'm sure everyone's been told some big news or had some great ideas over a cuppa. In fact that is exactly where this blog began!

For your chance to win a set of 9 Beanie coffees tell us your about your memorable moments over coffee.

Set of coffees
Win this delicious set of coffees from Beanies - we love the Ginger Bread one!

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Sunday, 10 August 2014

Bargain foxy snack box

I decided I would treat the little one to a funky set of lunch boxes to carry around her array of snacks. I spotted a fab set in Clinton's card shop  - Rusty Fox and Friends Snack Boxes. but at £6.99 for three small containers, I just couldn't justify the cost.

Rusty Fox and Friends Snack Boxes - £6.99

Shortly after I spotted this even better set in Home Bargains. They are exactly the same, just a different design and the bonus of an extra little box which is ideal for dried fruit and smaller snacks.

Set of 4 retro snack boxes from Home Bargains - £1.99

Absolutely love this little find. Retro, affordable and practical!

What bargains have you discovered?

By Lee

Thursday, 7 August 2014

How can this be comfortable???

Animals can sleep in the strangest of positions. How can this be comfortable?????

Surely you'd feel better with those paws tucked in? No? OK.

Archie, you're lying on branches. Surely you'd be better off on the grass? No? OK.


Archie, would you not be better off with your whole body on the bean bag? No? OK.

 Jinxy, would you not be more comfortable with your body untwisted and in more space? No? OK.

Archie, would you not be better off not lying jammed under a radiator on a paper bag? No? OK.

Actually, this does look quite comfy!

By Bee


Monday, 4 August 2014

Lifehack: How to fix a twisted car seat strap

I was really frustrated to find our new carseat had managed to twist itself. I tried unsuccessfully to twist in back but the clip it loops through just wouldn't allow me the maneuver room to do so.

Surely there must be an easy way to fix this.......and that's when I found this little hack to sort it.

Literally took me a few seconds to sort it. Don't you love the Internet for these gems of information?

What lifehacks have you discovered?

By Lee