About Us

This blog is about us two ladies – Bee & Lee and our continuing quest to get our lives in order and gain that perfect life balance.

Our journey involves everything from de-cluttering and money saving to days out and cookery. We are by no means experts, but hope that by sharing our journey, we can find out how others manage to balance their busy lives and learn something new on the way.

Bee is mum to 2 girls aged 7 & 9. She lives with her husband, her girls and her murderous cat at the coast in North Tyneside. She works part time in an office with Lee. She loves entering competitions, days at the beach and is a camping newbie. She hates cleaning, is better at warming food up than proper cooking and is a terrible procrastinator. Her motto is "It's not perfect, but it will do".

Lee lives with her husband and little girl (aged 2) near the coast at South Tyneside. She is a keen eBayer and loves getting a bargain. She loves a good declutter but also loves rehoming others unwanted items. She likes environmentally friendly options from washable wipes to henna hair dye. Loves to have a crack at baking cakes but prefers eating them!

(Feb 2015)